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The rejected but the beautiful
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Welcome to Rejected Beauty the community for those who are beautiful, but often go unrecognized, and rejected.

Accepted members:

** ANYONE is allowed to apply; it doesn't matter what race you are, what age you are, what sex you are, none of that matters.

** You may swear, but NO, absolutely NO, insulting or
swearing AT someone for any reason. If you have a
problem with another member, take it somewhere else;
this is not a place for fighting. You will be warned
if it is a minor problem, but if it's something big,
you'll be kicked from the community.

** Unless you are accepted you are NOT allowed to
promote other communities, or post anything but your

** No typing lIkE tHiZ, because it's really annoying.
You will be ignored and any entries you make, deleted.

** Just to make just you read the rules, in your
application, when it asks if you read the rules, put in
"Of course, silly!" If you DON'T put this in, it
means you haven't fully read the rules, and will be
asked to fix your application within a few days, or it
will be deleted.

** Please use lj-cut on your application and on any
posts that maybe too long. I say this a lot, because
it's important!!

** For acceptance and rejection banners and also promotions banners go here

** Only accepted members are allowed to vote and post
anything they like: chat, share fav. movies or books,
post quizzes or promote other communities or websites.
PLEASE use LJ-cut if your entries are long. If you
don't know how to use lj-cut, click here.

** Once you are rejected, you MAY have another chance
at being accepted at a later date. Once there are more
people voting, you will be able to re-post an
application and possibly get in this time around. This
is because when more members come, there is more of a
chance you might have better votes from more people.
You are not allowed to re-apply more than 3 times.

** If you're rejected, you're rejected, don't flip out. Deal with it.

** If you're accepted, you'll be able to post anything
you like. Also, you must *at least* post your
acceptance banner in your profile for promoting

** Accepted members have four days to vote "yes" or "no" on your application. If all the members vote before the four days is up, you'll have your answer then. If there's a tie in the voting, the mods will have the last say on whether or not you'll be accepted.

** Once accepted, you must be active in the community.
If you don't update or vote AT all, you will be
deleted from the community. You don't have to update
with something daily, but PLEASE update at least once
in awhile, or at LEAST vote. You may vote and not
participate at all in the community besides that. But
if you do nothing, then you will be deleted and
thought of as rejected.

** When you vote, please make sure you put "yes" or "no" as the subject of your comment.

** Please give a few reasons for your choice, maybe a
suggestion to the person, or what you liked and what
you didn't. It's always good for someone to know WHY
they're getting the answer you give.

** This community is NOT all about looks. Don't say no to someone just because you dont think they are very good-looking. ALSO, we don't want you to say no to someone just because you don't like the bands they listen to. Tough shit, we all have different opinions, give a better reason than "Oh, that music sucks. No." Or don't vote no on someone just because they wear a certain type of clothing you don't like. It's stupid. You will be warned if you're voting gets to ridiculous. We're here for some fun, not to be extremely picky.

PLEASE, as noted many times above, use LJ cut on
your application!!!

* You may color this, bold it, do whatever you want with
it, it doesn't matter. It's YOUR application. Have fun :)

* Also, if you are uncomfortable with giving certain
information such as your real name or location, it's ok
not to put it.

Favorire genre(s) of music:
Favorite groups/singers: (min of 3)
Least favorite groups/singers:(min of 3)
Favorite movies:(min of 4)
Favorite authors/types of books: (min of 2)
What do you do in your free time?:
What is (are) your favorite color(s)?:
What do you usually watch on tv?:
Describe yourself as honestly as possible:
Describe your appearance and/or the way you dress:
Biggest fears:
Dreams/goals for yourself:
What or who inspires you?:
Body modifications?(piercings, etc):
Did you read the rules?:

***Your thoughts on...****

Gay marriage:
Labels (goth, punk, prep, etc):
Pre-marital sex:
Animal testing(also use of animals fur for coats and etc):
Life in general:

* Other
Where did you hear about us? :
Show where you promoted us (up to five for contest) :

* You may post as many pictures of yourself as you
like, but you do not HAVE to post a picture.


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