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Name:Tane [pronounced as tawny]
Favorire genre(s) of music:Punk,Classic Rock,Rock,Metal,Pop,Ska,Blues.etc..
Favorite groups/singers: (min of 3)Bif Naked,Led Zepplin,Journey,NOFX,Satanic Surfers,No Doubt,Foriener,April Wine,Evanescence..etc
Least favorite groups/singers:(min of 3)Britney Spears,Moffatts,Hanson
Favorite movies:(min of 4)Splendor,What dreams may come,Lord of the rings,Fight Club,Edward Scissor Hands,Nightmare before Christmas
Favorite authors/types of books: (min of 2)FRANCESCA LIA BLOCK!! steven king
What do you do in your free time?:I like to make clothes/crafty things,go for walks/hikes, shopping, and jam to my musack
What is (are) your favorite color(s)?:Purple.Red.Black.Blue.Orange.
What do you usually watch on tv?:CSI.Much music.cold case files.
Describe yourself as honestly as possible:I would describe myself as funny,outgoing,weird,the social outcast,lovable,sweet,can be a bitch,
Describe your appearance and/or the way you dress:Punky meets funky.I've got studs,with vintage.and rainbow schtuff
Biggest fears:dying alone,losing my loved ones.heights.drowning.
Dreams/goals for yourself:After I graduate in june,i would like to go to university to recieve my bachelor of education so that i can become a teacher.something ive always wanted to do.
What or who inspires you?:Honestly,my favorite author Francesca Lia Block.Her writing inspires me to do something creative with my life,And the second,are my parent's.They are always pushing me to do my best.
Body modifications?:I don't have a problem with my body.
Did you read the rules?:OF COURSE I DID,SILLY!.

***Your thoughts on...****

Homo/bisexuality:I'm all for it.I believe it shouldn't matter which way a person is meant to go,that we should all accept it,and stop making such a big deal about it.Their just people.
Gay marriage:I think it's wonderful.It's pretty much the same answer as above,so I'm just glad they feel that it's THEIR right to do so.
Suicide:I know how wanting to end it all feels.but I believe if a person feels like this,they should recieve some help,before causing their loved ones horrible pain.
Labels (goth, punk, prep, etc):I'm not one for labels.becuase of what I was going through in school.I just think that anyone should be able to look the way they want,listen to what they want,and completly be themselves,without getting slack for it.I think it's just stupid.
Drugs/alcohol:I do both occasionally.I do it resonsiblly.That's how other's should do it too.
Pre-marital sex:I'm all for that.If both people love eachother enough.then why not?
Abortion:I'm gunna say depends on the situation.If I had been raped,then I think I would have an abortion,but if it was consentual,then I don't think I would have one,I would put the baby up for adoption,because my actions caused me to do so.
Love:Love is everything.It feels good to be loved,to hear it.and idk I just love to be loved?
Friendship:This is tricky,because I have been backstabbed by friends.so trust for me isnt given away so easily,anymore
School:School was tough for me lastyear.It was really bad.but im not so weak anymore,so im not getting hassle.
Animal testing(also use of animals fur for coats and etc):I am totally against this.I'm so close to become veggie anyways.But I absolutly DO NOT like the fact that animals are getting hurt to be tested for our products.It's quite sickening to me.
Self-mutilation:To me,that's where the help is needed,If people think hurting themselves is fun,then I have to say that there must be something wrong with them for doing so.
Life in general:I love life,because it's so unpredictable.It could change in an intant.and I looooove that.


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