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Name: erin
Nickname(s): haha weird ones, elo, e, eekz, ekinz, erz
Location: long island, new york
Age: 16
Birthday: 7/22/88
Favorire genre(s) of music: death metal, hardcore, alternative/grunge
Favorite groups/singers: (min of 3) alice in chains, nirvana, remembering never, mercury switch, pantera, decapitated, slayer, deicide...
Least favorite groups/singers:(min of 3) 311, avril lavine, matchbox 20...
Favorite movies:(min of 4) wuthering heights, cold mountain, about schmidt, the cable guy, hunting humans, after sunset
Favorite authors/types of books: (min of 2): wuthering heights, gone with the wind, the five people you meet in heaven.
What do you do in your free time?: listen to music, go on the computer, read, write poetry, take care of animals.
What is (are) your favorite color(s)?: grey i guess, only because i feel its neglected from the other colors.
What do you usually watch on tv?: comedy central usually. i love southpark.
Describe yourself as honestly as possible: i guess im really self concious, i can be funny in person, im honest, have a weird mix of interests.
Describe your appearance and/or the way you dress: well i have black messy hair that i never brush, i wear pretty much anything that comfterble, i guess people look at me as sort of a bum since i really dont "dress to impress." i gave up on doing that, i feel as though its a waste of time.
Biggest fears: not knowing where we go when we die, heights, losing my cat.
Dreams/goals for yourself: to have a beautiful victorian/colonial house in the woods on the water in the south. (yeah, its strange, but its really my life goal)
What or who inspires you?: hmm, i have inspirations in all different kinds of catagories. writing wise, my inspiration is edgar allan poe- hes the most brilliant writer ive ever read and id kill to have a drop of his talent. music wise my inspiration is probably layne staley (alice in chains), his voice is beyond magical, and although his life ended in a sad way, the time when he was living he made the best band in creation.
Body modifications?(piercings, etc): i have a labret piercing, a nose ring, lots of earrings. other than that, nothing special.
Did you read the rules?: of course, silly!

***Your thoughts on...****

Homo/bisexuality: i dont mind, as long as theyre truthful and arent doing it for a trend (such as bis, more than half are a bunch of bullshitters).
Gay marriage: i personally dont agree with it, mainly because it goes againsts my religion. i hate when i tell that to people and they get all offended calling me a homophobe. thats bullshit. people have to realize exactly what the definition of a homophobe means. thats saying that im afraid of them, im  not at all. if they expect me to respect their views, then they should respect mine.
Suicide: ive thought of it a lot before, although now i see its true colors on how ridiculous it really is. we have our whole lives ahead of us. each "major" problem we think we have will become less than nothing in a few years.
Labels (goth, punk, prep, etc): i think theyre retarded, although some people can actually fit into some labels. but i mainly despise it because i HATE when people call me goth, it pisses me off immensely. i myself dont even think goths really exist, let alone ever thinking IM one.
Drugs/alcohol: i dont like drugs, my brother has died of them- my dad is addicted to them. i dont see the point in them. but of course my hypocritical self drinks almost every weekend. i guess i just need a day to get away from everything and liquor is the best way for that.
Pre-marital sex: i think its fine as long as youre mature enough to understand the consequences that come along with it and you really love and trust the person youre having it with.
Abortion: totally and utterly against it. there is nothing more stupid than thinking that a fetus is not a human being. then what the fuck is it? a god damn plant? its a human. just because its in a mothers stomach and doesnt resemble a full fleged infant does not mean it isnt murder, poisoning it and ripping it out of the mother's womb. if it werent a human and "not really" a living thing, then tell me, how do you kill it?
Love: it has fucked me over too many a time and the last love i had for something ended it with me for a long time. im staying away from it.
Friendship: its great to have a good friend, ive had a best friend for 12 years and we've never been seperate, we both live on the same block since we were 4 and hang out every weekend. its great.
School: i fucking despise it. next year im hopefully getting homeschooled so i can get away from everyone.
Animal testing(also use of animals fur for coats and etc): oh god, you dont even want to know my views. i am a loyal animal activist. im not going to go into specifics, but lets just say im a vegetarian and am totally TOTALLY against animal creuelty.
Self-mutilation: been there, and is still there. self mutiliation really should be considered an addiction- because thats what it is. its an addiction to ease emotion pain by causing physical pain. it isnt fun. thats all i can say.
Life in general: im hoping its worth something because as far as i can see, its corrupt.

* Other
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