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I've never tried making an LJ cut before...so if it doesn't work Ill just erase the entry until I can get it right =) I would color it, but everytime I try..it makes my lj cut go bananers

Name: Amber
Nickname(s): ber, berbott
Location: naugatuck in ole connecticut
Age: going to be 15 in a month
Birthday: January 21st, 1990
Favorire genre(s) of music:
I don't really listen to certain "genres" of music, I try to be open minded and give everything that comes my way a chance.
Favorite groups/singers: (min of 3) Greenday, Murderdolls, Atreyu, SOURpuppet, FourLetterStory, Dawn of Atrocity :), Taking Back Sunday, Adema, rammstein, intricate unit, jack off jill, Ill listen to any techno as long as it doesn't have words to it... oh and I like billy idol! haha :)
Least favorite groups/singers:(min of 3)
Avril Lavigne, modest mouse, franz ferdinand, Outkast.
Favorite movies:(min of 4)
I never really get around to watching movies, but I'd have to say... SLC punk, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nightmare Before Christmas (of course who doesnt like that movie?), my last one.. not sure if it counts as a movie.. but I have Biker Mice From Mars on VHS =)
Favorite authors/types of books:
(min of 2)I can't really narrow it down to any authors in particular. I do like reading books that are based on more real life teenage situations. I like reading a book and relating to it. Besides that, I'd have to say books that are more fantasy. If any of you have read "Cirque Du Freak" series. Thumbs up on those books.
What do you do in your free time?:
I try to keep it creative whether its just writing or actually painting. I work out at the gym, take pictures, occasionally I take clothes and modify them with other fabric and such.
What is (are) your favorite color(s)?:
well, *black* (it matches everything and makes me look skinnier), *pink*, and *silver*. They're just so perdy
What do you usually watch on tv?:
I'm not big on tv. I do watch degrassi though.
Describe yourself as honestly as possible:
It's hard to answer this. How I see myself, wouldn't be the same as someone who is friends with me. They only see certain portions of me, when I myself know me from the inside out. I do try to get done what I need to and still help out whoever I can when its possible. When I find something to work towards, I push the effort. Of course there are always mistakes...but always trying to make up for it.
Describe your appearance and/or the way you dress:
Currently, I'm not really happy with myself so I try to hide it by not exactly wearing what I want. I won't wear girls shirts because they are tight and make me feel self consicous. Normally I wear black and pink. Tight black jeans, skirts, spiffie stockings, always jewerly and makeup with my hair done in pigtails or messy buns. Never leave home with pretty undies either. :)
Biggest fears:
I have a fear of choking and being alone. If I am left home alone for too long of a period of time, I start to get shaky. Oh, I can't shower if no one is home either. Not exactly sure why.
Dreams/goals for yourself:
Deffinitely keeping my grades up, and hopefully going to the gym will get me healthy and in some kind of good shape. Making sure that everyone who surrounds me if happy, and hopefully making myself happy.
What or who inspires you?:
Everyone is an individual, but the people who really stick out with those personalities that you just cant explain but they don't try hard at it..it's just them.
Body modifications?(piercings, etc):
I have six ear peircings, and I have the left side of my lip done. I did have my eyebrow peirced but it got ripped out, so theres a little scar but im getting it repeirced. When I went to get the industrial bar, they were closed and I just havent had the chance to get back there yet.
Did you read the rules?: "Of course, silly!"

***Your thoughts on...****

All for it deffinitely. They say that peoples minds are so powerful, we can believe anything we tell ourselves. Well, I think so many people's minds are set that it is wrong, that they won't even consider a different side of their opinion.
Gay marriage:
Deffinitely all for this as well. I don't understand how our country is so "free" when we can't even marry the person we love? A lot of people claim its against "Gods will", but since when does everyone believe in God in the first place?
It's nothing to take lightly, but when people throw it around to get their way, or icons with razorblades and "im so suicidal" messages, its more of a trend now and it makes it worse for the people who literally have a problem.
Labels (goth, punk, prep, etc):
I personally don't like being put into one. Some people do, some people don't. People will use still use them for a long time to come. I just think its silly to try and fit yourself to being one thing. Its silly to be so closeminded into a category. Life has alot of things to offer, not just a small selection.
I think alot of people use them for the wrong reasons. In the long run, I really don't see it being worth it. I understand if your at a special occasion and drink some. I've never tried drugs or consumed alot of alcohol, but I don't think that it would do much for me.
Pre-marital sex:
My perspective is different in the sense that, I never had sex because I really wanted to, which I wont really get into. If a person truely is ready then thats their decision. I always thought it was cute when someone does decide to wait until that moment. I think alot of people just look at right now, and don't really think about the future and end up regreting alot of their choices.
This one is hard to answer. Everyone says pro-choice and only in certain situations, but there are so many people using that to their advantage. I'm way too young to even consider about pregancy, and never been in the situation where I was pregnant. My decision might change if I was in that position. I'm not saying it should be banned at all. I just don't have a strong stand on it yet.
Where to start on this. Everyone treats it like it is something unstopable. It is undeed a strong emotion, and indeed a special one, but it is still an emotion. Emotions are caused by chemicals in our brains. Supposedly, our minds can overcome us, so why can't we overcome love? It's such a weird thing. I deffinitely think that it is amazing in the sense that, it can make a person extremely sad or extremely down. Not only that, but there are so many different kinds of love. Whether its romantic, or in your family. To me, it is a very weird emotion that isnt easy to explain.
I think it gets alot of people through life. Without our friends what would we do with our time? If we didn't start as friends, we wouldnt have boyfriends or girlfriends, so we wouldnt feel all those postive feelings. Friends are a necessity to life. Everyone should spread the love of friends. :)
I think sometimes they make alot of people take things that they really arent going to use in life. Its good to get a diverse education, but some people really have their mind set on what they want to do, and they should be able to take more courses that are involved with their interest. Alot of grades would probably be higher that way.
Animal testing(also use of animals fur for coats and etc):
It's not like we are living in the stone ages. We have high technology, so I really dont think that furs and animal testing are necessary. If the animal has already died from natural causes, that could be a different case, but to initially put a living creature in danger isn't right. Alot of it is for items that arent necessary such as cosmetics. An animals life is not worth someone to wear makeup.
This goes along with the suicide thing up there. So many people use it as a manipulation to get their way, or give off an image, or whatever the reason may be, that it takes away from people with a literal problem.
Life in general: Life is what you make out of it. They are all the same initially, but some are packaged differently. Some of them got kinda messed up along the way, but if you chose to let it be worse then it really is and look at it that way then it will. If you make yourself look at the positive and do what you can to fix it, you will see it in a brighter perspective.

this took me a long time. >.< I don't have a peekture, but I am investing in a digital camera. The mods know what I look like.. so that's gotta be worth something. ( just pretend im pretty girls) I tried to make the application more readable, sorry if I missed some spots where I should of indented.

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