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well this community is dead.

we need new members.
we need people to post!
some people have just disappeared off of our radar..i understand that everyone has lives but if you could just post or comment occasionally to keep this a little more interesting?

and i think i'm going to have a contest.
lets see if this works.

-This is a promotion contest. We need to members and we need people to promote!
-The winner will be whoever promotes to the most people and gets the most members to join. The winner will be the person who gets the most people to join.So, for example, if you promote 15 people and only 5 members join, and someone else promotes 10 and 7 join, than the person who had the seven members join will win. The more promo you give, the more likely you are to recruit members.
-A maximum of 5 people off of your friends list can be recruited, just to keep this community more diverse.
-Only 2 promos may be done in a community.
-Everyone you recruit that has joined via a post in a community will be counted toward you.
-I'll have everyone in their survey state whose post they used in a community to get here.
-Only one promo per community. So if someone already promoted there, you cannot.
-That above rule does not count to promotions done outside of this contest. For example, if someone else posted in a community weeks ago, you can promote there again.
-If you have already promoted to a member in the past, it will not be counted again. Same goes for communities.
-If you promote to someone that someone else has promoted (as of the start of this contest, September 26th whoever got there first gets it.
-Please give us daily reports of where you stand. Use a livejournal cut, and link to whoever you've promoted.
-I'm not sure of the prize yet. I'm surmising it will be an icon, or graphic, made to your interests. If you have a request if you are the winner, it will be filled. If you have any other reasonable requests for a prize if you are winner, i'll see what i can do.
-Mods cannot be in this contest. Sorry, meggie, if you wanted to. If you want to participate, you can be an honorable mention.
-Contest ends and your recruits will be counted on Monday October 4th. I will give one extra day for any remaining potential members to join, so if anyone else joins between the 4th and 5th, they will be counted for you.
-Any promos after October 4th will not be counted, despite if you got someone to join or not.
-If the person gets accepted or rejected does not make a difference to you.
-Applying members who want to join the community right away can post only up to 5 promotions that will be counted in their applications.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope this was clear enough!
So good luck! and get posting!
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