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New Beee

Name: Megan
Nickname(s): Megs, Meggles. Megzy, Pumpkin, Baby, Lady Bug.
Location: Ontario, Canada
Age: 17
Birthday: September 30th 1986
Favorire genre(s) of music: Rock, Metal, Punk, Emo, Electronical Metal/Rock and some Regea.
Favorite groups/singers: (min of 3) My Chemical Romance, Daquiri, GlassJaw, The Used, Slipknot, Tool, Moneen, Sublime, Otep, Murderdolls, A Perfect Circle, A Static Lullaby, Nirvana, Chevelle and theres alot more BUT moi is too lazy too type them all! :o)
Least favorite groups/singers: (min of 3) Avril Lavigne, Good Charollete, Simple Plan, Nickle Back, Offspring  (i use to like them when they first came out but now their music just sucks.), G-Unit?, all the rap singers/groups.
Favorite movies: (min of 4) Nightmare Before Christmas, The Breakfast Club, Donnie Darko, Half Baked, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo.
Favorite authors/types of books: (min of 2) Stephen King's books are my all time favourite Author (suspense/ horror), Agatha Christie ( mystery/ suspense).
What do you do in your free time?: hmmm well i love listening to music, reading, drawing, designing a picture or something to go on a blank T or hoodie, going for walks in the forest behind my house, playing with my kitties ( i taught my kittie to fetch a papper ball and bring it back to me :o) ), i'm such a loser but i like gardening.
What is (are) your favorite color(s)?: Orange, Red, Yellow, Purple.
What do you usually watch on tv?: i'm not really into watching tv, but when i do i'll watch the osbournes seasson 3, king of the hill, simpsons, dr. phil ( yes i do watch him but not all the time, *hide head* most people don't like him but i do for different reasons), the food network, AND the family guy.
Describe yourself as honestly as possible: hmmm well if you were to first meet me you would think i'm pretty shy and not very talkable, but once i warm up to you i'm pretty nice, outgoing, wacky kinda person. I'm very into giving a helping hand to anyone in need. Your probably wondering why i havn't said anything negative about myself yet but thats cause i'm not really that bad of a person. i think the only time i'll say something rude is when someone else says it too me. i hope thats a good enough description?
Describe your appearance and/or the way you dress: hmmm well i'm an average looking gurl, i have green/brown eyes that my bf says that are really Beautiful, brown hair which are right now in dreads. i dress how i wanna dress. i don't follow a trend or clothing style. i express myself in anyway i want without caring what others think. i'm also not the type of person that HAS to put make-up on every morning before going out anywhere. i'm into the all nature look, but i do wear make-up once in awhile.
Biggest fears: well this is gonna sound pethetic BUT i'm SOOOO scared of birds. Yes i said birds!  ummm i'm afraid of torndaoes and other natural disasters, but i geuss we all are. i'm afraid of getting raped while walking home from somewhere.
Dreams/goals for yourself: my dream is too live life to the fullest, just because about a year ago i almost had a neer death situation where i almost died from over dosing. i want to back pack across europe. i want to swim with dolphins and i want to have a husband and children of my own one day. i sure sound corny when i say that. lol
What or who inspires you?: this may sound dumb but my grandmother inspires me, also art of all kinds.
Body modifications?(piercings, etc): well my ears are stretched to 2 gauge but soon to be 0 gauge, conch piercing, retired 2 eyebrow rings.
Did you read the rules?: of course, SILLY!! :o)

***Your thoughts on...****

Homo/bisexuality: i'm bisexual soo my thoughts on that are all for it.
Gay marriage: for it too, they are no different from you and me so they should have the same rights as us. I also think if your in love with someone than why not tye the knot if its right.

Suicide: i've been there so i know how it is, but if it were up to me i would try and get ppl not to make that decission. your life may be bad and it is up to you if you take your life or not, but i still think they shouldget some help and talk about what is wrong.
Labels (goth, punk, prep, etc): i'm not for them , but some of us do label others. i do just cause its easier to tell someone what they look like. but other than that i don't label myself or my friends.
Drugs/alcohol: i use to be a big pot head, but that was because i was soo depressed at one point and relied on that, and i have done mushrooms. i'm fine with people that have done drugs but are not harcore into them, just causei don't like seeing people hurtinf themselves. i'm for drinking as long as you are responsible with how you drink and stuff. for example not driving or gettin into a car when someone has been drinking.
Pre-marital sex: me personally am not a virgin, but i think its a good idea to do that, but also if you love a person and they love you back and you both are responsible with using pertection and stuff then thats good.
Abortion: again me personally wouldn't get it done cause i don't believe in killing something that is soo amazing that was produced by two people, but for other women/ gurls they should have the rights to that cause not all of us don't believe in it.
Love: love is the greatest gift i think, i'm in love with someone right now and will be forever, i hope anyways. i just can't understand how people don't believe in it, it boggles my mind?!
Friendship: friends are the greatest thing in the world. no matter how old you are, race, we all have friends. i think they are another family to us when our mom, dads and stuff arn't there for us when we need them.
School: education is a good thing to have or atleast having your   your high school education. i think if you don't finish school and you end up gettin a very good job like my uncle who didn't even finish grade 9. he works for 10 different club monacos and he has been to new york, florida for different ones there too.
Animal testing(also use of animals fur for coats and etc): totally against it! that is soo cruel , i don't even understand why they would do such a thing. i also don't like wearing or feeling animal fur, it creeps me out for some reason.
Self-mutilation: i use to be a cutter, but don't judge for something we do. its our way of coping with our problems. BUT i would try and get people help for it cause it can get worse and lead to worse things.
Life in general: you should not take life for granted! life is soo priceless that you shoudln't waste it, cause what happens if the next day you die than you wont forgive yourself for appreciating your parents for giving you life and making the best of it.

     PICTURES!!!! :o)

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